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Chili Pepper Ristra - Green

Chili Pepper Ristra - Green

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A stunning chili ristra featuring 10 hand blown chili peppers strung on a black chain. Safe to hang either inside or outside.

Ristras come fully assembled and need only to be secured with hanging hardware.

The green ristra features 10 hand made chili peppers, hung with black chain.

Ristras measure about 18"-20" long. Please allow 1-2 weeks as each ristra is made to order.

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Can I order a set of different colored glasses?

Yes! Head over to the custom set collection, and select the colors you wish to have in your set of 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 glasses!

Do you offer custom color and personalization?

While Brad Smith Studios offers custom colors, due to lengthy testing process involved, we require a 30-piece minimum. 

We can offer custom decals and frosted personalization, however like a custom color order, we require a 30-piece minimum. 

Please contact us with custom color and personalization inquires. 

Is blown glass dishwasher safe?

While your glass might survive the dishwasher, handwashing is recommended as blown glass can crack when exposed the high heat of the dishwasher.

Do you sell wholesale?

Brad Smith Studios offers wholesale pricing to qualified buyers. All products are available for wholesale purchasing. Please use this form to contact us for te

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we are not setup for international shipping, however please contact me if you can provide a printable shipping label.